Pain Is Real

October 5, 2017

Pain, Pain is emotion I face in life every day. Sometimes is the good pain and a lot of the time it's the bad. In the world I live in im bashed for being the person I am I'm disrespected for being true to myself; Im transgender and the life im living, being this way is frowned upon. Some people say "God made you this way for a reason he make no mistakes you're going to hell". I'm the type of person who doesn't show my pain who doesn't let people see what's inside of me. Sometimes it gets to hard to hold it in and in the end some of what's held on the inside reveals itself and i cry. I cry so hard until its no tears left inside of me. I cry to the point where my body starts to feel like it needs oxygen. Pain I feel it, it hurts. Pain gets you sad, pain gets you depressed, pain makes you feel like you're nothing but going through it makes you STRONGER. Pain, Pain is real.

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