October 5, 2017
By RHeuss BRONZE, Hamlin, Iowa
RHeuss BRONZE, Hamlin, Iowa
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I stand in the circle as my heart races.
Trying to concentrate with my hand grasping the laces.
My fingers counting every protruding red stitch

My team had two outs and only one more to go
The whole team was counting on me
I felt as if my heart could burst out of my chest
I look at the catcher.
She gives me the signal to throw a fastball
I step on the mound
I could hear my cleats scraping the dirt.
The crowd cheering my name...
I begin my windup
Up, down, around and release

My foot drags the ground then whips up the dust spews up with it
“STRIKE” yells the umpire
My whole team cheers.
The batter swung way too late.
Her coach was yelling at her from third base,
I sat there waiting for the next signal.
She signals a change up.
I started to sweat… it trickled…

Every time I throw a change up it’s always a ball.
I take a deep breath and step on the mound
My mind goes blank.
So many thoughts just circling in my head
Will it be a strike?
Will she swing?
Gosh I hope she swings
Why am I so nervous?
I then begin my wind up…
Up, down, around, and release

I felt like the ball was traveling forever, I was so nervous.
She swings, but she swings early
And misses
“STRIKE TWO” shouts the ump
My whole team was cheering loudly.
I shout to my team,
“Be ready you never know”
“Two down one to go”
I step in the mound after receiving the signal to throw a fastball
I begin to do my windup,
Up, down, around, and release

I watched it go straight to the catcher’s glove
I whole team cheering while they run to the dugout
My coaches give me a high five
My teammates give me a pat on the back and told me “good job”
We eventually won the game with a score of 10-3
After the game I went back to the circle to grab the ball
One last time I thought…
Up, down, around, and release.

The author's comments:

My English tacher Ms.Graham assigned us an essay/poem and I decided to do mine about the sport i love, Softball.

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