Prom Dress

November 6, 2017
By GDavis BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
GDavis BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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My Prom Dress

It's just a prom dress right?
No, It was a reflection of you my love.
The reflection of love at first sight.
Because I saw all these pretty dresses,
but when I saw that one I fell in love and only wanted that one,
and if I didn't get it I didn't want anything.
If I didn't get you…
I knew I had to have it!
You are who i had to have
I knew it was the one.
I knew you were the one
So I tried it on.
I tried you on
A perfect fit!
We did not fit
But for how long?
Would it become too big or too small with time?
Will the seams break from each others bond?
Can they be stitched back together and made stronger?
Or will the dress be ruined?
But after all it's just a prom dress.

The author's comments:

During the time I wrote this poem, I was going through a break up. The conflicting problem was that my ex-boyfriend still "wanted to be with me" and made it seem like he wanted to be. Then days and weeks began to pass and he started to go back to his old ways of mistreatment and uninterest. I grew tired of his actions and decided to let go of a tainted relationship, and this poem was the one of the outcomes of my choice.

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