November 6, 2017
By Anna001 BRONZE, San Jose, California
Anna001 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I look about the streets today

And see a hidden genocide.

A prejudice that is not out

In public for all to see.

It be not race, where you are from,

But the way that you were born.

It causes some to hide in shame,

In fear of who they are.

But I? I choose to live my life

As open as I may possibly be.

I am pre-judged and fight for rights

For this hidden world of mockery.

I fly my flag of colors high

Into the sky and say,

“For we, I fight for our civil rights.

Let today be start of harmony.

Today, I hereby now declare

To be the end of judgment!

Let this be the day that man awakes

From the sleep that is such prejudice.

Let men of faith accept all us,

Let men of backwards thinking ways

Be forgiven their own hatred towards

Our special breed of human-kind.

”Let these words ring through your ears

,In utterly solemn, sober ways

In order to enlighten dark, dampened minds

And open old, locked, dusty doors.

Today I doth proclaim that I

Am member of a breed by birth

And all I ask is to be treated right,

As equal, norm, and human man.

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