It's ok

November 5, 2017
By rslconnett BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
rslconnett BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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It's ok to smile and hide it,
But it's also ok to not be ok.
It's ok to act like everything is fine,
But sometimes you have to cry.
It's ok to be down,
But don't bring others down with you.
It's ok to be happy,
But don't expect everyone else to be.
It's ok to not want help,
But sometimes that's all you need.
It's ok to feel depressed,
But don't make that your only feeling.
It's ok to have only one good friend,
Rather than 1,000 that don't know the real you.
It's ok to want to fit in,
But don't you EVER change for someone else. It's ok to not know who you are,
Most of us don't.
It's ok to leave toxic people,
There is no reason to stay.
It's ok to put others first,
But don't ever let them make you second.
It's ok to sometimes want to die,
Don't ever kill yourself,
The people you leave behind would die a little inside every second you are gone.
It's ok to not be ok,
It's ok,
In the end we are all humans trying to find our place in the world,
Just remember,  
When you get there be humble,
But don't let anyone take it away from you

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