Why Can't You Believe Too? and You’ll Always Have Me

November 5, 2017
By Jesyke SILVER, Hemet, California
Jesyke SILVER, Hemet, California
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Do you know what it feels like?
What it feels like to be in the background,
After so long in the spotlight
What it feels like to just want to stop,
To give up,
To forget?
But you can't,
You can't stop,
You can't give up,
And you definitely can't forget,
It's always going to be there
Always lingering in the back of your mind
Because you just don't understand
You just don't know why this happens to you
You can't tell anyone
Can't vent, or explain yourself
Because you get the same answer every time
Answers from people who wouldn't understand
Because they don't know failure, or true disappointment
They get everything,
They are liked,
They are good,
And you aren't
You cry yourself to sleep at night,
Begging for some sort of explanation,
Trying to hide how much it hurts to be there
No one knows how broken you really are
You aren't like them,
And you suffer because of it
You leave the room in a hurry when dismissed
Just wanting to get out
To leave
And as you walk away you hear a small voice call your name
You turn to see the one person who hasn't changed,
Who hasn't abandoned you
The one who still runs and jumps into your arms when she sees you
You give a small smile and open your arms
In an instant, she jumps into them
Squeezing her small arms around you
You squeeze back before releasing,
The smile doesn't leave your face until she's gone and you've walked away
Because you maybe aren't as important to others,
But you were to her
So later when people ask “what's wrong?”
You smile,
And ask why they would think something's wrong
Because you may be breaking inside,
There's always someone who believes in you
Why can't you believe too?


You may leave me,
Forget me,
Not need me,
But I have always been there for you,
Even if you weren’t for me
When you are hurt,
I’ll be there to help through the pain
When you call late at night because you need someone,
I’ll be in the car before we hang up
Because what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?
And I couldn’t be more happy for you
You’re life is nearly perfect
I only wish I could share in your joy,
I could understand
But alas,
I cannot
I'm left here,
But always remember,
If you need me,
I'm always here,
What else am I supposed to,
But believe it will get better,
And one day I'll understand
Until then,
I'll always be your friend
Whatever times come our way,
Whatever obstacles try to stop us,
Wherever we may go,
Together or separate,
You'll always have me

The author's comments:

I wrote this during a time of inner struggle for me. Things weren't going my way, I felt like I couldn't do anything right. One night my whole view point changed, if not only for a few days, but it gave me a new outlook. The first poem is my struggle itself and trying to come to terms with it, and the second is a realization I had about it. I hope you enjoy.

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