How To Take Back Your Life in Eleven Steps

November 4, 2017
By SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
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"Inertia is the death of creativity." -Austin Kleon

Step One: Recognize something is not right and that you are not in control.

Step Two: Try to fix things calmly.

Step Three: Don't get angry.

Step Four: Do not throw your fists down on the table and yell obscenitites at dinner because an adult or two won't let you dye your hair.

Step Five: Don't cry if your emotions get to be too much.

Step Six: Don't cry.

Step Seven: don't cry.

Step Eight: cry.

Step Nine: try again.

Step Ten: give up.

Step Eleven: i'm sorry.

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