November 4, 2017
By GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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If the stars collide and the moon is right
I'll set this bottle out tonight
It'll float right out into the sea
Under the waves, away from me
And maybe you'll find it from far away
And look inside at what this has to say
And maybe you'll decide to write a reply
Perhaps not before ten years have gone and gone by
But maybe it'll wash up back on this beach
And rest in the sand, close within reach
And a kid will find it tomorrow
In the same place it started before
My shiny, green glass bottle
Resting upon the soft shore


Or it could be the note will toss and will turn
And what it says, no one will ever learn
Maybe it's doomed to be a castaway
Never in one place it will stay

Or maybe it'll fall into your hands
You'll find upon the warm golden sands
You'll read this long ramble I've chosen to write,
I'll most likely never know
After I send it tonight

The author's comments:

Ever wondered what would happen if you set out a message in a bottle? I have! Imagining all of the possibilites inspired this poem and I hope you enjoy it! 

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