What Makes Good Art

November 4, 2017
By Anonymous

Early morning when the sun just greets the sky
My art class watches it rise
Together, it is an activity
It gives such shadow to our newest center piece
When I look around I wonder
What makes good art?

My peers are far ahead
I can only hope
That by the end of my long journey
Will I reach the shore?
Will the jostling of the turbulent ocean cease?
I am separated, feeling cut off
While their talent flows like blood
Have I been pompous?
What makes good art?

Is it the color?
There was a time where I only drew
In shades of gray
No colors yet
Still in artistic infancy
But didn’t I grow?
I thought I perfected my only ability
My art class rows faster
They are all in the same boat
Rowing in perfect unison
There must be something I don’t get
What makes good art?

Is it the mind?
Is an artist’s brain tie dyed like a summer camp tee shirt?
But mine feels so bland
In black and white
Filled with blue words.
Paint a picture with your brain?
I sit at a blank canvas.
But a blank canvas is full of possibilities
What makes good art?

Is the only thing that ties us together,
My art class and I,
The sunrise?
I still can’t grasp it
Though I desperately try

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