Something About You

November 3, 2017
By Anonymous

There’s just something about you.
I know I shouldn’t want it,
But I need you.
Because even though you’re a year younger than me,
There’s something about you.
Something about the way wrinkles engulf your amber eyes when you smile
At something I say.
You give my words value,
Instead of having them evaporate
As soon as they depart from my lips.
Something about the way our legs coincidentally touch
When we sit next to each other on the bus,
Then nonchalantly split them up
For neither one of us has the courage
To find happiness.
Something about the way you complain,
Complain about the definitions you have to write two hundred times each
Because you forgot them when the test came around.
Something about the way you quiz me on biology,
Your speciality,
And how my hand “accidentally-on purpose” brushes against yours
When you hand me the answers.
Something about the way you blast that song you know annoys me
And belt out the words with a passion,
(Except for the curse words, you don’t want to say those).
Something about the way you address me by name
When I’m talking to my friends,
And they raise their eyebrows as I walk over to you,
My heart pounding relentlessly.
You always come up with the stupidest things to say,
Yet I appreciate them just the same,
For anything that comes from you
Holds inexplicable meaning.
I have no idea what it is,
But there’s something about you
That I can’t live without.
Something about the way you try to hook me up with a guy
Because you know your friend from tennis shattered my heart,
And you try so hard to mend it every day.
I ramble off a list of traits I look for in a boy
As you diligently type them into your notes,
But in reality, there’s nothing more I could look for in a guy
Than that something about you.

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