October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

When I first saw your eyes, it reminded me of the ocean.

Not only because they were blue and wide and your pupil was a unique shade of black, but also because they were beautiful.
I remembered the first time I saw both sides of your light pink lips twirl,
I could’ve sworn your smile was on the verge of going past your ears.
Your teeth were lined so perfectly, so white.
Your cheeks had a few brown dots, but it looked so well on you.
Your hair did something so amazing when you passed your fingers through it.
Watching your every move and looking at every visible part of your body was such a satisfying feeling.
Looking at you was like looking at the sun when it’s 117 degrees.
To me, you were an angel.
You were beautiful from every angle.
I was in love with the idea that I’d finally find love in someone.
But, you left.
You don’t know what my heart felt the moment you stepped out the door like if you were stepping from one world to the other.
You’ll never understand that gloomy, miserable feeling because I never would’ve made you feel what it’s like to hug a Cactus.
You lied to me and made me feel my head in the sky more than my feet on the ground.
When you left, my mind felt like a drunk man behind a steering wheel.
Drops of water that came from oceans of emotions rolled down my face like a gum ball set free.
I felt like my back was slammed on a wall of needles.
I know that somewhere in this dark cave, there’s happiness.
I’m just waiting for it to open it’s eyes.

The author's comments:

I chose this poem because the length was actually a pretty big accomplishment for me. I tend to write really short poems but i really threw all my feelings and emotions into this one. Although this is one of the poems i have, i decided to go with this one because it’s the poems i’ve mostly focused on and I put a lot of time and attention into this one. I consider this poems one of my masterpieces because i can’t really remember the last time i felt comfortable writing my feelings for other people to see, but this poem consists of all my feelings and I decided on this one for our final poem.

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