I call you Her

October 13, 2017
By Mochi-Mari BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mochi-Mari BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My Mama
Who is her
I am Me
And she is she,
She made me
She was happy
But what was happiness really like to her,
It beat her down
Make her smiles turn to frowns,
She would turn away from my face
So that I wouldn't see how much she faked,
Mom are you okay?
I’m fine sweetie why don’t you go play,
Tears fall to the ocean, blending in with sweat
Blood dripping from her hands as they are covered in debt,
Dad changed his ways, tried to be better
He been their for us strong through every weather,
But my mother is much stronger, and he knows
That's why he loves her so,
But just how much longer can one take
Until they fall down ready to break,
How much more can she take
That I do not know
But i can assure you
She still fights, everyday
With her mind with herself
Breathing smoke in like air,
But she sees me there and dims the light
She sees my blurry image looking at her
I hold my hand out to clear the smoke
I may not know it but she’s finally woke
She knows who she lives for
She knows why she’s here
At times she may forget
But I’m there to make it clear
Cause I love my Mama

The author's comments:

I wrote this after being inspired by my favorite group BTS, their new ablum Love Yourself, has a outro song called Her, and after listening to it, it made me think of my mom, as well as BTS's Jhope's song called Mama, which made me think about my mom's life and how I didn't know so much about her I was able to learn more about her, and why not I love my mom.

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