This One Is For You Mom

October 13, 2017
By ealarcon2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
ealarcon2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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You gave everything up for
You got two jobs for me
You worked those extra shift for me

I see how hard you work
How rough your hands are.
From dipping your hands in chemicals
To cleaning other people's s***.
And they still leave no tip.

I hear you come back from work
It's 1:00am, I should be asleep
By now. But i never get see you
Cause im at school and you're at work.
It's like the universe doesn't want us to
See eachother no more.

Sundays are the days a treasure the
Most. Not because it's a holy day but because
Sunday are the only day i get to see you.

I need you

I miss you

Monday-Saturday we communicate
Through text messages.
But i want you to be able to hug me and tell
Me that everything is going to be all right.
Even though it might not be, but when the words come
Out your mouth they convince me that it will be.

I wish there was a job for best mom.
That way you can work and still be my
Mom. I feel distant from you but ik its not your fault.
I wish your boss gets small poxs.

Yes I said small poxs.

I remember when I was
Kindergarten I had a school play.
I was hoping to see you in the crowd
But you weren't there. All the kids ran to
Parents but you weren't there. You see
I wanted you to be there, to tell that i
Did good even though i did terrible.

You provide me with insurance but
I still didn't feel like i had that life rourinty.

It hard for me to count when I get emotional

I wasn't mad that you never came to
One of my plays or any of the award giving
Assemblies. I was more mad at the kids that
Could have their parents there. Why could they
Be there and not you.

Sometimes I wish you would just quit

Why can't you just call in sick

The author's comments:

 I am a  student at Equpio Academy in Las Vegas and I wrote this poem for my mom, because she really works and i feel like the work she dose get unnoticed. And because of her work i dont really see her alot. So thats why I wrote this poem.

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