sin city

October 13, 2017
By david702 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
david702 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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From the warming welcome when you first enter the city
To the the very middle you never have to worry about it getting dark wherever go
The visitors rush to their luxurious rooms
Hurrying to the expensive bars and shiny slots downstairs
Everyone seems to be a annoying drunk kid at the party
No one ever wants to leave this “wonderful” city
they refer to as an adult playground

No one else sees what’s pass the blvd
Only the locals heading to mountain views
To see the lights beyond the the MGM, LUXOR, HIGH ROLLER, etc.
Such a beautiful sight to see
But when you head back down you remember what this city is made of

We get to a red light
as i look out the window
I see a large black escalade turn into the front of a gas station parking lot
And outta of nowhere two young teenagers run outta the store
Trying to carry their weight
with a 24 case of Corona in their hands
The car door opens
They hop in as quick as they can trying to not drop the yellow, blue & white boxes of beer
The door closes and they drive off
Leaving nothing but the sounds & the streak of their tires

The light turns green and we drive off minding our own busy
And continue having fun as long as the city lights shine.

The author's comments:

Im from vegas and this poem this just about I see things in my city

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