I Love You Mommy

October 13, 2017
By jramirez2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
jramirez2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I love listening to childhood stories
Especially my mommy’s
Her big bright white smile over powers,
When she could hear the sound of my
Teenage voice going on and on
How i finally got the good grade i studied for
My mommy is my world that’s what i used
To say when i was 8
But now my mom is my hero
She’s the reason i’m not a street kid
Waiting for the rest of my buddies
After school just so that we can get higher than
The stratosphere
I know that my mother will never see the same shoes with the cactus spikes wedged between the top of the rubber,
Making it clear where she left her mark that she will never look back again,
Because her daughter is not going
To throw away everything she sacrificed
Just because her friends think she's
Not cool enough
I will tell you this my mother will have
A picture of me on her wall with me
Smiling and holding the one document
That shows we both did this together because
That night is going to be the day my mother
Finally makes those ooey gooey stuffed tortillas
That every time i dip it in her special sauce
The steamy smelly hits you like a kiss and
My final words to her would be i love you mommy.

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