Maria Cristina

October 13, 2017
By nalvarado2020 BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
nalvarado2020 BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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Not always sure what things called sins may be,
I am sure of one sin we’ve  done.
We wish you were dead
You never loved us
We couldn’t see that you cared
As you lay there with your green crocodile tears 
We just laughed and stare
I’m glad you can’t see these  greens, blues , and yellows
Because then we can’t lie and pretend we’re not there
If only you learned to be there when we asked you to stay
Instead you pushed us down the cherry wood stairs 
Just so you can leave to go with them
We know there your favorite
You gave them all your motherly love
You were like a mosquito that was attracted to their warm buzzing light
But look at you now you ended up like a worn out teddy bear in garbage,
No longer of use
If only you should use that same kind of love
Maybe then we’d care as you weep in the cold black room
Asking God to take you
As we ask God to take you
We loved you but all we can ask is for your forgiveness

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem about my grandma (Maria Cristina). My grandma lost her sight four years ago due to diabetes , has bipolar and has to go to dialysis three times a week. Before she lost the ability to see she lived with my Aunt Ana where she was mistreated by her , yet she put up with it because she loves her more than my mom or my mom's twin sister ( even though when you ask her she'll deny it). I remember I was about seven when my aunt kicked her out of her house . My parents ended up picking her up and told her she could stay with us, she agreed. The next day my aunt came to our house asking for her to come back since she didn't have no one else to take care of her children. My grandma rushed back into her arms. I told my grandma to not leave us that we wanted her to stay but she pushed me which made me fall down the stairs for she could go with my aunt.
In 2015 my grandma lost her sight completely and was really swollen (she looked like a frog). We ended up taking her to the hospital and three months later was released . my aunt didn't want her back because she was too much to handle this time she officially lived with us. These last years it's been hard for her to do anything and has a bad temper . it has to be her way or she'll get mad. I love her but she could be really rude and annoying so we always try to be extra quiet when we are around her. She likes to start arguments and threatens us that she's going to tell social services we treat her bad. At night she cries that she doesn't want to be here anymore and just wants to die and honestly sometimes she's too much we feel that would be best too.

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