Explaining My Feelings To My Mother.

October 13, 2017
By DanielGomez2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
DanielGomez2020 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My mother always ask me,“why don't you ever tell me about what you're going through or about your feelings?”,but she is my mother and i kind of understand that she cares about me,she always try to open that conversation over and over again.

But I just can’t, I always try to avoid that conversation every time, because every time I let her try to understand me she always try to change me, and I hate that.

My mother says that she want to know what is happening in my life.

But I just tell her “I don’t like to talk about it”.

My mother says that she want to know about my feelings.

But I tell her “I think I forget them or leave them at the corner of the street abandoned”.

My mother says she has not seen me cry for 4 years.

But i told her that I leave my tears in the ocean four blocks from home.

My mother always asks me if I don’t feel anything for the people who die or for the people denounced by natural disasters.

But I say that it would be hypocrisy to say that if I feel sadness or some feeling.

My mother says if I love her.

But I had to be hypocrite.

The author's comments:

This pece is about my feelings and i'm explaining how difficilt is to my mother to undestand me.

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