15 years of Pain

October 13, 2017
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15) Your face flashes like static in my head, I hate when I see it "gone but never forgotten" as so they say but at this point you're nothing but a painful memory
14)That familiar stench of beer and strange mixtures of alcohol I watch her drink until her eyes roll back like theres no tomorrow
13) Why couldn't you stop
13) I blamed myself
13) My brothers blamed mom`
13) My sister blamed her also
13) It really was my fault
12) You told us you loved us but you never stopped
11) Too sick to even remember my name
10) Your breathe made my eyes burn and nose crinkle. Your teeth were stained yellow like my piss. Did you even brush teeth before you left? You woke up every morning too early so no one can see your face just to get your buzz on
9) Daddy what are you drinking
8) Couldn't sleep at night, I woke up to sounds of miserable painful groans of a grown ass man who couldn't stop drinking, like a child who can't stop eating
7) You were full of strength always was my hero
6) "Who do you love the most?" My dad he always makes me laugh
3) Daddy I love you
0) Kids all grow up to be like "daddy" until "daddy" is nothing but a shadow

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