13 Ways of Looking at Water

October 13, 2017
By brooke02 BRONZE, Hedgesville, West Virginia
brooke02 BRONZE, Hedgesville, West Virginia
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No motion, apparent stillness
Everything was crashing down,
A waterfall

Small droplets tangled in 
A race, staying in 
Every lane but its own

The storm never ended.
A part of a bigger disaster 

I poured a cup of water, 
So transparent.
Then I looked at you, 
It was the same.

Like the waves,
Cold and Crisp
Going back and forth
Pushing and pulling
And never stopping

The clouds are turning grayer. 
You already know 
It's about to happen
But when it does,
You're shocked.
Almost wishing it would've stayed the same
For a little longer

There's no end.
The water just keeps flowing
Never noticing what we have 
Until it's gone 
And we wished it would flow again

I know the sound of you
Quickly moving
And never stopping.
Not for anyone or anything
There's always somewhere you had to be

Even through every storm,
You were the rainbow I needed
But you never came around

You stood in silence
Staring at the water rushing down,
Falling into the river below.
Speechless, once again.

I need you like 
We need water.
It is necessary to 
Survival, an inescapable 
Requirement for life.
I cannot survive without you. 

Even at the worst times,
The water continues to flow

It felt like today was never ending.
The shining sun, 
Waves crashing
It never stopped.  

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem for an assignment in Creative Writing. At first, I wasn't sure about what I was going to write, but then I thought about it and realized water would be perfect. Water represents people in so many ways.

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