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October 13, 2017
By JOHNspencer BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
JOHNspencer BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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"Don't blink you might miss it" -Unknown

They said I'd letter
I didn't
They said I'd make it 9 feet
I didn't
They said I was the next great
I wasn't
They said my name would forever be sung
It wasn't
They said I was going places
But no places did I see
They said I was going to be the best
I wasn't
And when days turned to weeks and weeks to months passed I still wasn't
I wore no letter
I made shy of 9
I was all but great
My name was never sung
I swam in a sea of dead dreams and places I'd never go
And when the clock came ticking down to death
Seconds to minutes to hours to days to Years of being just short of something.
And the void that yearned to be filled only grew
But I grew
I wore my own letter
I made my own height
I was my own great
I sung my name to sleep every night and I sung my name to sunrise
I went to my own places
I was the best I could be
Because in a world made by numbers names and arbitrary note
I was my own
My own great

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