A Doll's Defense

November 3, 2017
By LijanaYoung BRONZE, Austin, Texas
LijanaYoung BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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She sits in a glass box.
To you it’s a shallow
thing to do, but for her
it’s how she survives.

The vanity sits in front of you.
Take the powders and creams.
They are your war paint.
Imagine it is the crushed bones
of those who betrayed you.

People are always looking, watching,
so pick a pose, stay frozen.
And they won’t see you
or your flaws.

If they do happen to see you,
smile your biggest smile,
to make them think you are
a part of them, but really
your eyes are glossy and you
can't hear their bulls***.

You can think for yourself,
but the others don’t know that.
You let them push you around
and control your life because
you’re scared you’ll ruin it.
So, let someone else be your
decision maker.

All in all,
using the Doll’s Defense
has been working out
for you, so why stop?
You’ve been doing this for
so long, you’ve watched
yourself turn into someone new.

Now, you no longer do it for show,
it’s who you really are.
Others have gathered powders and
creams thinking of you, every pose
picture perfect, eyes no longer glossy.
You make your own decisions, but only
after asking everyone you know for
advice, for any and every question.

Another victim of a Doll’s Defense.

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