Upside Down Right Side Up Alice

November 3, 2017
By Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense To A Discerning Eye- Emily Dickinson

Rosy Shine
Sun Red
Something’s wrong with my head
Topsy Upsy
Turvey Down
World gone mad spinning round and round
Once too big; now too small
Nothing makes sense ; Nothing at all
Kiss a prince ; now he’s a frog
The wolf falls in love with the hog
The hill goes down
The valley goes up
Don’t know how but I got stuck
Fool me once and I will Cry
Fool me twice and you will die
Mentally daft
Completely bonkers ; crazy at last
The red hatter and mad queen gone round the bend
This is where it all starts so now it’s
The End

The author's comments:

I love gothic poems and I love the story of Alice in wonderland, so i took parts of the story and gave it my own unique spin hope you all like it!!!

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