November 3, 2017
By Anonymous

That’s where it all began
You didn’t know it
Neither did I
But eventually it was you

Now we were in seventh grade
I saw you in a different way
You were always kind to me
We would always smile and laugh
We would talk about normal things
But I never told you how I felt
Neither did you

All the unspoken thoughts
They hurt
I know they hurt you too

A year passed
I had to let you know
I had to tell you how I felt

It wasn’t the response I expected
We didn’t talk for two weeks
Finally, you told me how you felt
Yet nothing changed
We still only talked about normal things

I remember your cologne
The way your hair looked
The way you laughed
I still answer to the nickname you gave me
I remember it all

Then we were freshmen
I wish we could go back
I wanted to start over
We both struggled with life
We were there for each other
We experienced life for the first time

I was there for your first heartbreak
At the same time you caused mine
But you didn’t know it

Then I left you
I had to
We still talked
Still about normal things

We would go out as friends
But never more than that

Now you are drifting away
You moved on
Now it’s my turn

I’ve waited long enough
It’s time to say goodbye
Maybe one day you’ll tell me how you feel

Till then
I have to say goodbye
Goodbye to my first love
I will miss you

The author's comments:

I needed to say goodbye in my own way..

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