A Convict With Wings

November 2, 2017

She's a creature of the sun,
She's a lover on the run
Flightless bird, don't fly away
Flightless bird, say that you'll stay
Reckless women, tearing up the night, 
Fearless beauty, drifting out of sight
Poisenous blood in her heartbeat,
A girl who's never tasted defeat
Her perfume is drunken romance
and she's asking for your last dance
Seducing you with a winning line
Her birdsong flying you to cloud nine
Maybe theres love behind those lust filled eyes, 
but its hard to tell with the way time flies
There's a hazard creature with wings, 
flying in and out of one night flings
Perhaps there's such thing as too much fun, 
with the lover on the run
A flightless bird weeping in her heart, 
cause love is far for this piece of art.
One day she'll settle down and stay
but eveyone wants a dance before that day.

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