Ode To Games

November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

I can be a knight in armour

I can be a merchant with

Good karma

I can be a very wise man

I can be the leader of a clan

I can be a battle mage

I can be a thief in a cage

I can be a hacker 

With the world in my hand

I can be a nomad

And explore a distant land


Games how I love you

People call me a nerd

But they do not have you

I find them absurd

They go out and play football

I go to you

And make a kingdom fall

I can make weapons large and small

I'll clear out my inventory so I can

Carry them all

I don't hang at the mall

I just wander The King's Hall


I'll never know what lies in store

You allow me to hire a follower

To obey every command

Even if it means build a castle 

Using only one hand


Then you look at me

And what do you see?

Dirty blonde hair?

A smell you can't bear?

Odd fashion no one would wear?

I'll just saddle up my battle mare

And go nowhere

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