Abuse is a Razor

November 2, 2017
By lilystarley BRONZE, Park City, Utah
lilystarley BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Abuse is a razor
Figuratively and literally it damages
It cuts deep inside
Leaving a scar
But sometimes never seen
On the outside, there is a little mark
On the inside it’s unrepairable

Why does it happen?
No one really knows but it does
You may not recognize it, but its happening right in front of your eyes
All around the world people of all ages are being hurt
People are blind
The victims crying out for help by sending signals and no one cares to notice
They are too traumatized to say it themselves, but they need help
Ignoring it even when they do see it
They are overwhelmed with confusion
They don’t know how to react because it is so serious

For the victims, it's even worse
It’s not just once, it's constant and repetitive
Everywhere they go, they are terrified of returning to the place where they are hurt the most
But they don’t say anything
It’d be simpler if they just told someone, anyone
But it's not that easy
They are constantly dealing with the battle inside their head
The pain never ends

Abuse is a razor
You don’t know how it happens
But sometimes it just slips
Ripping at your insides
Tearing you up like a piece of paper
Simple but yet so hard to overcome

The author's comments:

I had to write this piece for a project in school, but it was really interesting to write and learn about the topic.

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