October 27, 2017
By yesss BRONZE, Doesn\'t Matter , Other
yesss BRONZE, Doesn\'t Matter , Other
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all people have a destiny, some are still in the journy towards it. I have a destiny, well, its more of a dream but that just means im on the road to making it come true. My destiny is make an inpact on others around me, I would hope it to be positive. I want to make people not gloom over how unfair life is sometimes and show people that "When you really want something, the universe always conspires on your favor". This means a lot to a lot and Not only that but I want to mean a lot to a lot. Sometimes I dont feel if I will acomplish that dream or destiny but in end, even if it wasnt exacly was I was dreaming, I still got there. I was always deternimed to show that I could be someone more then just succesfull person, I want to help others succeed as well. I have lived my life in expectation and never failed to meet it, but I always felt the pressure that I wasnt going to make it or that I would not become my dream. But after so much experience you start to realize something, it doesnt matter. The expectation is only there to make us stronger and become the good people we are, it was never there to hurt us or make us give up cause when we did it never went away, the expectation stayed with us, like it was asking us if we wanted our dream. Thats a big question, do you want your dream? Once you made your desistion the expectation goes away, or atleast the pressure does. I give myself expectations to meet my dreams and it works well for me, but I have driffted off topic. Back to making people happy, thats my dream and I have made that my goal, you dont need others expectation to be someone because you already are even if you dont think so, there is a difference between being there and not, and if your there your open to opportunity to be someone, so do so, go and be the person you always wanted to be.

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