Running a Little Late

October 27, 2017
By brandon.naitons BRONZE, Grand Saline, Texas
brandon.naitons BRONZE, Grand Saline, Texas
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It won't last forever.
It won't last that long.
I can only play for a while,
Until I have to go home.

Mom said to be home by dark.
So I have to leave at eight.
But for now we can play,
So step up to the plate.

We better get to playing,
Before the sun goes down.
I only have so long
To make it back to town.

The game is finally underway,
But just one team is ready.
We have the chance to win the game,
But only if we play steady.

First inning down and no runs scored,
Something we all hate.
The inning passed and so did time,
‘Til it got way late

Half past time, just past eight,
So I’m going to late.
I told the guys I had to go.
I hope they don’t feel hate.

I sprinted all the long way home,
I hit the locked back door.
Lucky my window stays unlocked.
Maybe Mom is at the store?

I climbed through the window,
And went into the hallway.
I walk around the corner,
And found Mom on the stairway.

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