Party Time

October 27, 2017
By colegaddis BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
colegaddis BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Today’s the day of my party,
All my friends are coming to my house.
We are trying to play a game,
But nobody can think of one.

Then finally I just say,
“Let’s just play some football!”
Everyone erupts in excitement,
Let the games begin.

Time has passed,
And now it’s time for everyone to leave.
But then I remembered,
Dad said some kids could stay.

So I hurried to the front of my house,
And asked 3 of them to stay.
When I told my dad they all could,
He told me only 2 can stay.

I begged him to allow the other one to stay,
But he wouldn’t budge an inch.
So I had to tell one of them that they couldn’t,
So I went up to Dylan and told him.

He just said“It’s alright.”
But I could tell he was mad.
But that’s what had to happen.
Now he is gone and we can play.

We had no time to go play outside,
So we played in my room for hours.
Until it was time for us to go to bed.
The night’s sleep we had was short.

But the next morning,
We went straight back to playing.
Then finally their parents came,
And they were both gone.

Now it’s time to clean up our mess,
That we made throughout the night.
It only took about an hour,
But it was a hour I wouldn’t get back.

The day had finally ended,
The fun was long gone.
Until next year.
The party was all gone.

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