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October 27, 2017
By haleytommo BRONZE, Tool, Texas
haleytommo BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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Is it wrong to say that I felt more when I held my best friend’s hand in 8th grade than when I kissed a boy in high school?
That I got more excited by a girl wanting to kiss me, than a guy wanting to date me, and possibly marry me?
Is it wrong to say that I became more thrilled by cuddling my friend in bed than being felt up by a boy?
That when HIS hand went up my skirt, finding places previously untouched by another human being, the most I could say was, “Oh my god,” and thought more about the fact that the girl I liked talked to me that day?
Is it wrong to say i’d be happier with you forever than living life traditionally and safe?
Is it really, truly, wrong,
that I’d rather be with a girl than a guy?

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