LifE but feels long SometimeS

October 27, 2017
By Tyronemeboi BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Tyronemeboi BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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SometimeS hours feel like DecadeS

Decades only been alive for one and a HalF

HalF of what my brain does in that time is StrangE

StrangE like my actions with FriendS

FfriendS have gotten me through LifE

LifE, no cheats, no Short-cutS

Short-cutS Heh I only WisH

WisH for things we hope will come TruE

TruE we knowveveryone cant be, everyone has LieD

LieD their way to get things only god knows WhaT

WhaT? is the question we all AsK

AsK me not your questions, for i have no answer to your QuestionS

QuestionS I ask, one of which, why will people read my work, this i wonder SometimeS

The author's comments:

During this i just spat down words on a piece of paper looking for something that looked good and i got it now (I think)

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