I Was/Am a Dancer

October 27, 2017
By maddyholmes6 BRONZE, Timmins, Ontario
maddyholmes6 BRONZE, Timmins, Ontario
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I Was/Am a Dancer


Witing in the wings until the curtain is drawn

A feeling unlike any other

It would be the last time I step on stage

Although I didn't know it yet

I was a dancer


My heart beats to the counts of eight

My body is the paintbrush and the floor is the canvas

I hear "one more time from the top"

I never thought those words would be true

I was a dancer


Dressing rooms full of laughter and comfort

Turned to prisons full of insults and damage

This was a place I no longer recognized

I was a dancer


The excitement of stepping on stage

Trumped by the fear of doing something wrong

What was supposed to be my escape

Is now the thing I want to escape from

I was a dancer


Walking away was so very hart

But sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go

I was a dancer

I will always be a dancer

The author's comments:

I danced competitively for years. I loved dancing. It was my life. But my dance teacher slowly changed from loving and fun to being all about the competition and winning. Everything changed for many of us. I had to make a decision to stay or leave because it was starting to negatively affect me. I chose to leave but I miss it and one day I will return to dance again.

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