October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

True bliss; relieved of our worries; nothing on our shoulders
Let’s dance around my room and forget that the world outside exists
I put up fancy lights; eye candy for a day just like this
Let’s listen to the all the classics start to finish
I know all the words but I won’t sing them because it’ll spoil the ride
Let’s turn our phones off
It’s too hard to text and it’s not worth it to concern ourselves with time
I bought plenty of water and gum
And if you’d like I’ve got fags as well
I’ve got soft blankets to drape ourselves in like silken robes
I’ll wrap mine around you so you can compare
  Who knows? Maybe mine’s softer
I cleaned from floor to ceiling ahead of time
So we can sit down and roll around on the shag carpet
We can play with all my toys
I’ve got guitars and boards and trinkets adorning every surface
And a stereo so loud you can hear it down the street
We’ll be considerate with it, of course
It rained while we were away
It’s so exciting, the cool air and deep night sky speckled sparsely with stars
Let’s walk and talk and hold hands and enjoy the sheen on every surface
   And stomp in puddles ‘cause we both wore our converse
These days go too fast
But the memories engrain more vividly than any other
  I guess that’s the trade-off.
I can’t wait for the next one

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