The Streets

October 27, 2017
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Walking home hearing gunshots in the background

These streets are a battleground

For any kid just trying to go to school

To prevent himself from becoming a fool

But what can you do?

You're no better, you're stealing too

Stealing from purses

Slurring curses

Breaking momma's heart

Since you going to the pen, after robbing the local mart

But what can you do?

You're shooting up needles too

With marks all over your arm

Knowing it causes severe harm

But whatever gives you a fix

Or makes your mind do tricks

But what can you do?

You're getting shot at too

And bullets shoot straight, never see color

So say goodbye to your father, mother, sister, and brother

Next time, they'll see you, you'll be in the your best clothes

Too bad you'll be dead, when your family sees those

But what can you do?

You're on the street too

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