October 27, 2017
By thekidcam BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
thekidcam BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Seems as if people are scared to face hard challenges. Seems as if people shy away from adversity. People are scared of change. It could be a good thing to change; maybe it could even make life better than it was before.I have changed thought process and began to like more things i used to be afraid to change was afraid to like different things but some things i have found that i loved i have found things to help me get through those time i have found fighting it has changed my life it is something i love and it has made me better. So quit being afraid to face hard time stop being scared to be in uncomfortable positions.Thrive in those times show everyone you can do it.Don’t be afraid to go through the challenges you face make it where everytime you face confrontation you know you will get through it. Quit expecting bad things everytime you face something just go head strong and get through it.
“Never shy away from challenges.Never run from adversity.Face yourself head on.”-Conor McGregor

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