This is Not Our Home

October 26, 2017
By yailenne_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
yailenne_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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"Wherever they sell food."

Food comes with a price tag,
nothing is ever free.
How can my family and I eat tonight?
Stripped of our home on another continent
we knew like the back of our hand.
Our journey to America has been unpleasant,
walking through rivers, deserts, and
hiding from authority.
We did not choose this.
"Wherever they sell food",
take us there, please.
We do not know this place,
this place is not our home.

The author's comments:

In my Creative Writing Class we had to pick a random book and pick the seventh page and the seventh line from that book, then create our own poem. The book I randomly chose was The Book Of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez. I hope the audience understands the obstacles that immigrants experience, especially with not wanting to leave their homes. 

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