Blind Humanity

October 26, 2017
By Sarah_D BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Sarah_D BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Why do we feel so caged?
When we have 24,901.461 miles of space

Why is it we say we only live once?
Yet we keep doing the same thing till we die

Why do politicians keep talking about human rights?
When they’re the ones that take them away from us               

Why is it that fear is so powerful?
why does it make us turn around and run?
When fear is suppose to motivate you

Why is it that all we do is talk?
But never act upon it 

Why do we promote telling the truth?
When all we do the opposite
And make Earth the planet of lies

But how can we question them?
When all we know is what we’re taught
When those could even be lies
When the truth might not even exist

Why do we promote world peace?
When the goal of a country is to kill another
When all we do is make threats

Why do we make it our goal to destroy others?
But when it backfires, we blame them

Why do we say we’re a free country?
Yet we get imprisoned
Humiliated if we speak out our opinion

Why do we make so many promises?
So that in the end, we can just break them

How can we stand in other people’s shoes?
When they won’t even stand in ours

Why are we afraid of being vulnerable?
Of uniting the country into one

What would it feel like to just fly away?
To leave and never come back
To not be ruled by anyone
To listen to no more lies

Why do people tell you you will be loved?
You will be succeed and be heard
But don’t say that you’ll struggle up the path to greatness
And when you get to the top
It’ll just be easier to tumble down

Maybe they think it’s worth it?

But is it?

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