October 26, 2017


¨I carry your heart with me¨,
Even though I never had it
I carry it with every thought I have,
With every day that passes without speaking

I carry that idea with me always,
Alone each day becoming more dull
I carry the hope of change.
That one day we’ll speak again

I carry the pain of the memory,
The despair and silence you gave me
I carry the newfound knowledge,
The power to know better then I once did

I carry the distrust,
With each new person I keep the distance
I carry the urge for better,
The idea that I deserve better
I carry the humility,
The ability to understand mistakes and improve
I carry something unheard of,

Something I’m quite not sure what to call
I carry with me what was rejected by so many,
The object which so many keep locked inside,
I carry with me my own heart.
Something I hope I’m able to give again


A warm night in october
Strangely bright at 7 o’clock
A weird sense of wonder in the air
Walking street by street slugging a pillowcase behind
A pillowcase that in truth was more of a treasure chest
Filled with the sweetest treasure a child could have
House by house I would travel
With each step the bag seemed to grow even larger
Every moment seeming to grow in anticipation for the end of the night
A Milky Way here
A Twix there
An apple at this house
Won’t be back next year
A king size bar at that house
Will be coming back to that house
Before I knew it it was already midnight
Looking around for the group I was just with I realized i was abandoned
Left me without my realization
From there I trotted back along my path
Through the park at which seemed especially creepy
Down the dark street which seemed to echo silence
Across the street from which was lit up like christmas
And finally to the house in which I was accustomed to
A place I called home
As I walked in I laid the bag down
Accomplished I fell straight to sleep
The only words I could mutter were trick or treat


As I stare into the horizon I sit in pure silence
The trees swinging their branches back and forth
Little squirrels searching for the daily meal
The shade of great oak trees seemingly grasping the sunset
A feeling that I am no longer part of the world
I am just an outsider
Looking in to spectate the daily activities
Each nook and cranny having a new story to tell
A conflict of spider and fly here
A owl feeding its young there
Moments like this brings up thoughts not commonly thought
Those ever so deep in one’s mind
That nature has a bigger role than can be credited
To true beauty

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