October 26, 2017
By hannahlenz BRONZE, Pasadena, California
hannahlenz BRONZE, Pasadena, California
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All that I have felt,
I have felt alone.
With no one amongst my presence,
No one to call my own.
A harsh isolation
That was forcefully condoned,
Left thoughts more complex
And completely unknown.


All that I have loved,
I have loved alone.
But it was hard to love
When happiness was dethroned.
Left in a rejected state,
Where all sadness is prone.
A positive mindset
Left abandoned and disowned.


All that I have experienced,
I have experienced alone.
But it was the pain I have felt
That has helped me grow.
Although many times I have wished
That I wasn't on my own,
I would not have learned as much,
If I wasn't left

The author's comments:

This is not a sappy love poem, expressing the pain of someone that is single. Rather, it is an explanation of the mindset of what it is like to live in a state of complete solitude or isolation and how one can cope with it.

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