Real Poetry (Pt.01)

October 26, 2017
By RebelHeart GOLD, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
RebelHeart GOLD, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
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Poems aren't simple raps
About money or sex
Nor a contest
To see how many words you could rhyme
With time or chime or slime or crime
Like the crime I'd be committing
If I confined these words to such a small pool
Of what society deems poetry to be...

Poetry is a being
Born from freedom
Risen from the tides
Of emotions that ran so deep
It cut into a person's heart and soul...
So I guess I'm just trying to understand
When it became such a dreary concept
Taught in the confines of walls
As rigid and cold
As the useless rhyme scheme of words
Released into the world for a simple test
When in reality, poetry was meant to be sown with care
And grow into something beautiful...

The real beauty of poetry
Comes from the way
The letters dance and flow together
Into the head and to your heart
Binding us all together
Cherishing our differences
In the same rhythm it holds
The entire universe
With all its secrets
In the space between them

The author's comments:

Something written a couple years ago as a rebellious student wanting to protest against my teacher's hatred for poetry and the way it was taught. Writing is slowly becoming a lost art and it's a shame its seen as nothing more than something you learn "because you have to" to pass some class. When it comes to real poetry, there are real emotions and real passions that the words ooze into your soul... so keep it real.

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