A Friend Of Sadness

October 25, 2017
By KaylaLandin BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
KaylaLandin BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Always do what makes your soul shine.

You are someone I can count on,
always there when things are bad,
A beacon of darkness, fully aware and ready to warn me when something's wrong,
You are my friend;

But when we meet tears plague my eyes,
My legs tremble and my heart aches,
I am stuck in an ocean of pain,
Being your friend hurts.
But you do not choose your friends,

we meet on my worst days,
On the days of failed dreams, miscommunications, and broken hearts,
of break bottle fights and bruised egos;

When we meet you bring friends,
introduce me to fear, envy and pain;
You are black n’ blue, grey, and blood red,
A manifestation of my worst days,
A reminder of eyes, swollen with tears,
Of loneliness and sinking pits of darkness, 
Of guilt that could destroy armies;
Stoning me to death with your pressure,
You Linger,
though I do not want you here;

But you do not stay forever,
you leave on my good days;
Hours spent lying on a blanket in a field of daisies;
On the soft days;
The day of my first kiss with the one I love;
You leave on the days filled with the smiles of my siblings,
the laughter of friends;
The days I recieve proud and approving looks from my parents,
On those days you abandon me,
but I do not feel your loss

The author's comments:

Depression may be a little hard to deal with, but he's almost always there for me. 

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