When I'm Gone

October 25, 2017
By gabbigracef BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
gabbigracef BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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Will I remember
How the sun felt on my arms
Warm and soft
Will I remember
The words to that song I enjoyed
The rhythm, the beat
Will I remember his middle name
Or my mother’s laugh
Exhilarating, vibrant with color
Will I remember
What I learned in school
In one ear out the other
Will I remember
The sweet sound of birds chirping
Or the feeling of breathing in crisp air
Breathing for that matter
Will I remember
The scent of my home
During Christmas time
Sweet pine
Will I remember
How it feels to be loved
How to love
How to be content
Does happiness last forever?
Will I remember
The feeling of grass beneath my feet
Cold, ticklish
Will I remember
The sound of rain tapping my window
Interrupting the silence in my mind
Will I remember
The little things
One may consider irrelevant
When I’m gone?

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