October 13, 2017
By zachpedigo BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
zachpedigo BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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The hallways of the school are decorated
Getting ready to celebrate a night out with friends
Dancing the night away at Homecoming
I take a stroll through the halls and this is what I Imagine
As I walk through the desert, I watch the other kids busy at work.
I keep walking through the mountains as I soon reach a city.
People busy at work I hear, and see people walking to places.
A bridge is falling, and I realize i'm in San Francisco.
Did humans destroy the bridge?
I quickly cross past the falling bridge and see computers
In a Dark room.
I see more mountains, starting to
I'm in Portland, Oregon.
I see a forest in the distance trees are
Fallen, and alone.
Did we do this to the poor nature?
People are surrounding
A door, Waiting
For it to open up.
I walk through the busy, anxious, and loud crowd
I see a new adventure awaiting, but that's a different story.
I come to an open hall,
The echos from people from afar.
She watches us like we want to leave and we don't know what we're doing.
I come to a window and
The only thing between me and the outside is a sheet of glass.
I hear a loud boom and wonder what was destroyed and by who?
I realized that it was just the earth,
Breaking silence,
Getting ready to cry.

The author's comments:

For homecoming week every year, classes are given a theme and they dress up as their theme and decorate their halls like the theme. The overall theme was roadtrip, so the hallways I was walking through were the east coast, west coast, south west, etc.

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