October 13, 2017
By JOHNspencer BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
JOHNspencer BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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It was one of those nights
Those nights where the calm breeze brought in the cold
Those nights when the darkness lurked out and in
Those nights when I stayed dressed nice just in case
Just in case I got a call to go
Just in case I went to that party
Just in case I was finally invited
Just in case
The nights I kept my hair fly
The nights I looked at my peers share
The nights I saw the life I would never live
When I waited and waited
When I neglected to call
When the tears sealed my state
When I would look at the clock
When I knew I would never get the call
When I sloped down and accepted it
When I would slowly untie my shoes just in case
When I thought of all “the nights” this happened
When I thought of those nights the familiar chorus of pain played on repeat
When I’d lay down and die just like I had every day before
When I knew
Knew it all to be true.

I’d slump in my chair and choose not to think about the things that plagued my mind
My mind would fall to a depressed state
I would leave my room and venture out

So many dreary nights I spent wondering and pondering upon the hallowed streets
Melancholy memories and dead dreams filled my soul with a feeling of failure
Its lingering feeling of loss leaving me inept to sleep

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