100 Cans

October 13, 2017
By BooglyOogly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
BooglyOogly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Created in 1962
Where were you
A picture of just 100 cans
With a million fans
Probably sold for 100 bands
Although the photo was basically copy pasted
It sent out a good message
How people would only stuff their faces
With Campbell's noodle soup
There are dirty kids with no home
Clothes ripped
Beanie dripping down his head
Because why even bother lift it up
When no one will look at you and care
Carrying a trash bag over his shoulder
Containing Campbell's Noodle Soup
Isn't that ironic 
Collect the cans just so they could eat too
It just isn't fair
But Campbell's Noodle Soup doesn't care
The cartoony kid on the soup label
With full, round, red cheeks
Full of hot soup
Mocks the sunken face
Of the kid who picks the cans up
People couldn't understand

How a  simple soup bested

So many different faces
But not the one of the kids
Who picked the cans up
So they could eat too
The kids who couldn't afford
Campbell's Noodle Soup
Since it was seen as
Royalty among soups 
To some it may be a surprise
How so many people would buy
Just because of its name and fame.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to make this piece by Andy Warhol's 100 Cans. What stood out to me about his piece was how it critized how people only buy known named brands.

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