October 13, 2017
By mmartinez2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
mmartinez2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Gunshots and tires screeching is all you ever hear in my hood
I've seen people drop like ricky from boyz in the hood
If i could stop everybody from dying i really would
Cause i know what i feels like to lose somebody close
I've seen a man soul leave a corpse
you can tell that his mom was hurt
She was screaming louder than the shot and they sounded like some fireworks
Dude got shot nine times just for a gram of some work
But in reality it’s just another day on the east
See i got friends that can smell the fake off of you like a k9
And just like one they won't hesitate to attack
cause in this world it's kill or be killed and I'm not afraid to kill for mine
I've touched dead bodies colder than ice
Cold killers sniff the gun smoke like a pothead would to his weed
East side people for some reason they like watching you bleed
I guess it's a eastside thing

The author's comments:

well i was just thinking hard about what i've expierenced and wrote about it.

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