October 13, 2017
By Thonyumptewa2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thonyumptewa2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It’ll feel like a dream
One that soon turns into a nightmarish hell
You’ll deny that it ever happened
It’s something you can’t get out your head
They aren’t here no longer
But you continue to deny it
Next you’ll feel anger
It’ll bubble inside you from the pits of hell
Slowly emerging like blood does from a cut
It’s all you’ll see
The anger has consumed you whole
Like a whale swallowing all the little fish

Next you’ll be willing to make deals
Deals with the devil
Maybe trade your soul for their life
But that’ll never happen
The devil loves watching you suffer
But every night you beg for their life
Next you’ll feel depression
Isolated and alone 
You now understand what the sad violin is saying
You’ll feel like a dark force is holding you down
Hooks rooted deep into your broken soul
Pulling you down onto your bed
To rot like a pile of trash till the end of times
Next slowly over time you’ll begin to accept it
That they are no longer here physically
The light you thought would never come
Is now here, slowly warming up your skin
You’ll feel the light warm up every part of your body
The pain you use to feel is no longer there but the scars run deep

The author's comments:

I lost someone very dear to me and I remember reading this handbook a teacher gave to me and it explained all the process of grief.

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