Our Love Like A Rose

October 13, 2017
By lovley_imaginee BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
lovley_imaginee BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Our love was like a rose in a garden full of roses
Once glance and I went rushing to it
I admired how deep burgundy the color was
As if wine were being poured
Into those white oval petals
How green the leaves and stem were
Like the color of moss
Were being painted on them
I cut it off the branch
And put it into the clearest vase I mastered to find
Each day fell in even more admiration for it
One morning I woke up to find that rose
more beautiful than the first time I saw it
And I fell in love on how perfect it stayed like that
It was so surreal that sometimes I wondered if it was just my imagination
But as time went on the stem slowly started to turn a dirt brown
And I slowly started tending it
to keep it as green and beautiful as possible
But the more I tried the faster it started wilting 
Slowly darkness started consuming the perfectly shaped oval petals
And soon petals started falling one by one
And soon I had realized that things don't last forever
And there comes a day where as much as we try to fix it we can't because we fall out of love
Our love was like a rose in a garden full of roses
Only there was something about your rose where I’d soon learn that you’re like the rest of the roses

The author's comments:

Going through a relationship as a young adult and falling out of love. 

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