I thought drugs could end my depression,

Narcotics ruined my connection with my family.
Xanax after xanax,
Blunt after blunt,
I sniff the smoke of poison.
But the the smoke only clouds my vision
From what’s really important
I ignored my family
“Do you want to end up like those kids?”
They were talking about my friends when they said that.
They don’t understand that I can’t feel when I’m not feeling the
Warm fingers of smoke groping my brain
They don’t understand that without coke in my veins
I can’t see at all.
I inhale the smoke of sorrow,
Tears fall from above
My mom begs for forgiveness,
All I saw was the darkness of my heart, my black lungs turned into dust
My life fell into crust,
It was hard to get my parents trust
I said “I’m sorry, coke was my key, marijuana was my queen, xanax was my creed.”

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