Parents Promise

October 13, 2017
By Popcornbirdie GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Popcornbirdie GOLD, Elm Grove, Wisconsin
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Welcome to the world, I’m so glad you are here,
But i’m afraid, my child, that there are some things I need to make clear
Though I am with you always, there are things I cannot help you with
And though it will tear my heart to bits,
You, my child, must go this alone
You’ll have to suffer and cry
Make your own decisions while I stand by
This is how cruel nature is
In a way, it’s an initiation process for our kids
You’ll have to go through life every day
And I’ll have to watch you wander broken and astray
Back into my arms where I will hold you tight,
And whisper advice
This is the curse a parent must bear
The overwhelming thing called care
I hope you grow strong, child of mine,
For all I can do is try to push you along
In the end, it is you, who chooses what’s right and what’s wrong.
And believe me child, sometimes I will be wrong
Though we may seem perfect, us parents have flaws
And I’m telling you now, child of mine, that I am infinitely sorry for all the times that must come
All the danger and fun
All those times you’ll feel lonely,
All the times you’ll be the only,
But know that we love you one hundred percent
And that we’ll be here waiting when you wander back
I promise this, on my soul and all that makes me whole, my love
On my honor and all the things glorious in the skies above.

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